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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Malaprops with Mom, Part 2

This is less a malaprop, and more a mix-up. Still funny, I promise you.

This was years ago, when I was home for the summer from college. My friend R called for me one day when I was out, so she chatted with my mom for a while.

Mom: "Oh, I'm just doing some housework today and watching a movie."
R: "Really, what movie?"
Mom: "The Shining."
R: "You're kidding! That's a scary movie to be watching all alone!"
Mom: "...you think? I don't think it's very scary."
R: "Well, enjoy the movie and ask Ann to call me when she gets home."

R came over to the house the next day, walked by the tv, picked up a video case and collapsed in a gale of giggles.

Mom had been watching "Shine."

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Malaprops with Mom, Part 1

My mom is rather famous for her malapropisms.

My dad recently relayed this gem:

They were watching a movie which featured the phrase "camel toe." Dad had to explain to Mom what that meant.

Several hours later, while preparing to go out to dinner, Mom emerged from the bedroom wearing a new pair of pants and demanding, "Do these give me camel hoof??"