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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Try a Little Tenderness

Glowboy and I went to eat at Rock Bottom Brewery tonight. It was hopping even at 4:30...we waited 35 minutes, and they were on a 1.5 hr wait by the time we were seated. Colorado Springs is slavishly devoted to chain restaurants...when a new one opens, people flock.

As the standard restaurant din swirled around me, I found myself missing waiting tables. Hand therapy is going well, so I'll probably talk to the therapist next week about returning to the restaurant. And I sure could use the extra cash.

The booth next to us, though, reminded me what I dislike about the service industry. Apparently there was some sort of problem with a split check, and an elaborate combination of gift cards and credit cards was being employed to pay the bill. The server either misunderstood the instructions, or just plain messed up. Resolving the bill involved several return visits from the server, and finally the floor manager. The floor manager ended up taking care of a large chunk of the bill.

From the extreme exasperation displayed by the two diners, though, it would appear they were terribly, terribly SO VERY put out. Eye-rolling, loud sighing, and condescension...a veritable trifecta of joy.

Ladies, chill. An early grave awaits you. It's frustrating when things like that happen, but to drive yourself into a frenzy about it...it's just not worth it. And try a little sympathy. The server made a mistake. It happens to us all.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Cartman Kitty!

"Respect mah authoritah!"

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