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Friday, July 15, 2005

The Waitress-Blog Glossary

  • 86: verb, adj To be out of. "The seafood supplier's truck was hijacked by a gang of penguins. 86 seabass!"
  • Back of House: adj Commonly abbr. BOH. Referring to members of a restaurant staff who work in the kitchen area. Line cooks, prep cooks, chefs, dishwashers, etc.
  • Campers: adj. Tables that linger long after they're done eating, preventing table turn and generally being a pain in my ass.
  • Exeutive chef: noun One per resto. This is the head chef.
  • Expediter: noun Commonly abbr. Expo. Role usually played by a sous chef or captain; this person stands at the line and calls orders to the cooks. S/He is the point of contact for the kitchen staff.
  • Front of House: adj Commonly abbr. FOH. Referring to members of a restaurant staff who work in the dining room area. Servers, bussers, food runners, server assistants, bartenders, etc.
  • L'Idiot: noun Code name for the resto I work at, ganked from Steve Martin's brilliant LA Story
  • Line: noun Can mean either the physical stations where all the cooking occurs in the kitchen, or can refer to the line cooks themselves.S
  • Resto: noun Short for "restaurant"
  • Rezo: noun Short for "reservation"
  • Sous chef: adj Usually there are 2 per resto. They handle more day-to-day tasks than the executive chef.
  • Top: adj Used as a modifier after a numeral. Denotes the number of seats/guests at a table. "I just got a 15-top, and of course the jerks want separate checks."
  • Waitron: noun Gender-neutral term for a waiter or waitress
  • Weeds: noun In trouble, very very busy, overwhelmed with piddling requests from annoying guests. var. "In the weeds."

Monday, July 11, 2005

More Yammering

Because I don't yap at work enough, apparently.

I've been waitressing at an Italian restaurant in Colorado Springs since January, and that's far more interesting than anything else that happens in my life. Here are my pointless stories....