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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Catholic School Finally Pays Off!

When I get to L'Idiot Tuesday night, I'm told that I'll have a 15-top a little later in the evening, and the host has arranged everything through our event coordinator. Which, weird for a 15-top. Usually the EC arranges larger parties.

When I found out the 15-top was from the Air Force Academy, and it's a recruiting dinner, my heart sinks. Flippin' baby cadets. Just what I need. And since the dinner's on the government's dime, they aren't allowed to tip more than 15%. Joy.

Turns out the table was all priests, with a value-add bishop! It was a recruiting campaign for military chaplains, which surely must be in short supply, if we're hurting so badly for civilian clergy.

Every last one of them was charming. We chatted and laughed, and a nice Italian priest paid me the nicest compliment...said "You tell your husband he's a lucky son-of-a-gun! You are a very nice young lady with a lovely personality." Aw. And they all chipped in and left me a hefty cash tip on top of the gov't 15%.

My closing move was thanking them by adressing them as Fathers & Your Eminence (the honorific for bishops). They all clapped. Heh.