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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

29 Years Old, And I Still Have Food Issues

Went to Sam's No. 3 with some long-lost friends last night..lovely comfort food and good conversation.

I'm a sucker for breakfast at any time of day, so I had the Hard Hat...eggs, bacon and pancakes. Evidently I tore through my food pretty fast, because it was mostly gone when the waitress came to check on us.

"Boy, you musta been hungry! Your momma woulda been proud."

Um, thanks? I realize that I have nothing to be ashamed of, but, dude, who says that to a grown woman? Too loaded a statement, I think. Daddy always said you never ask if a woman's pregnant unless you can actually see a baby coming out, and you also never comment on someone else's eating habits.

The waitress meant no harm, I know. It was funny. But it threw me for a loop for a minute there, when I started to think maybe I just should've had a nice ladylike salad.

But screw that. Pancakes rock.


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