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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Muzak's Revenge

Like every restaurant, L'Idiot plays music in the dining room. Since we're an Italian joint, mostly we play standards like Dean Martin and Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra and whatnot. The sort of thing you'd find on the Swingers soundtrack. Which is fine; it's good music. It gets old after a while, though. Anything would.

So in the mornings before we open, we play whatever music we like. Our sound system uses XM, so there are a ton of stations that we never use except in the early morning hours. One of the stations was playing a George Clinton track the other day. I was dancing around, doing my opening sidework, and started pondering: what if you were the one Clinton kid who had no funk? 'Cause those concerts are real family affairs. A big Parliment family reunion every night. You'd watch your P-Funk Allstar family traipse off to concerts, and you'd be stuck at home, 'cause you got no soul. That would be awful. As if the Mothership had landed, and you were drinking a Tab in the next room, watching The McLaughlin Group.

I guess we can't all tear the roof off the sucker.


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